Golden Triangle Management Deer
Management Deer

About Holcomb Ranch

The ranch, which is eighty percent covered in very thick brush, is located in prime south Texas country about two hours south of San Antonio.

In 1999 it was high fenced and game management began with year round supplemental feeding. By 2001 there was a surplus of trophy bucks and some were dying of old age.

Limited Trophy and Management hunts available. Call for pricing.

To book your hunt contact Archie (Mike) Holcomb at 281-796-9062

About The Hunt

Hunts are for two and one half days and are guided one on one. We try to limit the number of hunters at any one time to two. All accommodations and meals are provided. If you have food allergies or special dietary concerns please let us know at the time you book your hunt.

South Texas Brush Country Deer

Most of our hunting is done from elevated deer stands which can comfortably seat one person. Corn is used to attract deer from the dense brush into senderos and fields. Hunting is usually most productive in early morning and late evening hours but we sometimes hunt in the middle of the day, if the deer are moving.

Our average shot is 100 yards or less and we recommend that your gun be set no more than one inch high at 100 yards.

Long or risky shots are not recommended because a wounded deer counts the same as a kill whether the deer is found or not. Temperatures are generally in the 40° to 80° range but can get down to freezing at night. Hunts are for two and one half days and you will probably see between ten to fifteen different bucks.

Each year a few unique breeder bucks are protected to make sure their genetic traits will be passed on. None of our deer stands are suitable for bow hunting and at the present time we do not allow bow hunting. There is a large variety of game on the ranch and other animals are allowed to be hunted at no extra cost provided that the animal will not be wasted. We will gut, skin and quarter your deer for transportation.

Suggestions to improve our service are always welcome and we will do everything we can to make your hunt successful, safe and an enjoyable experience to remember.

Hunter Safety

We stress safe gun handling and restrict the consumption of alcohol to the evening hours. Preventing an accident can easily be the difference between a wonderful trip and a total disaster.

Additional Information

All hunters and guests are required to sign a release of liability.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the hunt fee is required in order to confirm your date.

Hunters must purchase Texas hunting license and comply with all hunting regulations. For more information please contact Texas Parks and Wildlife in Austin, Texas or visit

San Antonio provides the nearest commercial air service and rental cars are available at the airport. Transportation to the ranch IS NOT provided.